Kids Birthday Party

please contact 604-312-5858 to verify the party date before making any payments.

Party Cost and Payment

When booking a party, we collect a minimum charge of $260 (Hand sewing) for up to 8 kids. If you choose to use a sewing machine, the minimum charge is $360. Additional participants are $30 per kid or $60 per kid for sewing machine use. Please inform us of the number of attendees at least 3 days before the party to ensure we can accommodate; we collect the full charge before the party date.

Party Details

We provide a sewing project for the children, involving stuffing and hand stitching final details, which takes about an hour. Note: There is no sewing machine during the party. Food time is approximately 45 minutes.

If you opt for sewing machines, we'll discuss the project and number of kids. During the party, we teach everyone how to use sewing machines and impart hand-sewing skills. Participants will finish a project to take home.

We usually allocate 45 minutes for food time. You can bring cake and food to enjoy afterward in the studio.

Party Time

  • Up to 11 kids: Two hours (includes 75 minutes of sewing activity and 45 minutes of food time).
  • 12-19 kids: Two and a half hours (includes 90 minutes of sewing and 60 minutes of food time).
  • 20 kids and more: Three hours (2 hours of sewing and 1 hour of food time).  

There is no refund or credit if any guest does not show up.

Option A (Hand sewing )

Price $260 (up to 8 kids)

We prepare the sewing project for the children; they will be stuffing and hand stitching the final details which takes about an hour. (Note: there is no sewing machine during the party.

We provide the backdrop cloth, and you can decorate it according to your needs. As shown in the picture.

Option B (Using sewing machines)

Price $360 (up to 6 people)

The minimum charge is $360, applicable for up to 6 children and a maximum of 12 attendees. For each additional person beyond 6, there is an extra charge of $60.

Our 2024 promotional prices are effective from January 1 to August 31, offering $500 for 10 participants and $580 for 12 participants.

The party duration is three hours in total, inclusive of sewing activities and food time.

To use the sewing machine, our party room serves as our large outdoor classroom, and the backdrop is shown in the picture.

Our projects include a variety of items such as tote bags, plush toys, shorts, leggings, etc.

For specific project inquiries, please contact us at 604-312-5850 to discuss the possibilities



Photo Permission

For the purpose of teaching and promotion, the studio may occasionally take photos during classes or parties and may potentially post these photos on studio website or social media platforms such as Red Book, Facebook, WeChat, and Instagram. If you do not want your child to appear in any photos, Please send email to to let us know.

Sewing projects options( Hand sewing)

Two types of Pikachu—choose your favorite one.