2023 Summer Sewing Camp

Welcome to Winnie Sewing Studio's summer camp for 2023! We take students from age 5 to age 15. We prepare different levels of difficulty for them to sew, and during the whole-week sewing camp, students will finish about 4 to 5 different projects. We have real clothing projects because many of them have previously attended our camps and have some experience. We hope every time they come, they will always have fun and learn new sewing skills.


 Spring Sewing Camp 2023

During Spring Break Sewing Camp at Winnie sewing studio, kids age 5 to 16 will learn to use a sewing machine and sewing skills including how to thread a machine, sew a straight seam allowance, cut, measure, and more! Three days camp will finish three projects,the fabric for the doll, dress and bunny are same as pictures.

Camp includes:

1.learn how to thread sewing machine and how to use it.

2. sew a doll with hair.

3. sew a dress for the doll.

4. sew a bunny

5. If you don't like to sew the doll and dress, sew your favorite stuffing animals!


$180 per child (three days classes)

Schedule: group A March 13,14,15 ( 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM)

Group B March 16, 17, 18 (10:00 AM - 1:00 PM )

Group C March 20, 21, 22 (10:00 AM - 1:00 PM )

Group D March 23, 24, 25 (10:00 AM - 1:00 PM )



Christmas Camp 2022

GROUP A is about sewing christmas accessories, includes reindeer, snowman, hat and christmas tree(same as picture above). for younger kids, they properply can only finish one project in one class, some kids may able to get two items done. we charge $60 per class ( three hours )

GROUP B is about sewing clothes includes top and shorts (same as picture above), one class time is only enough for one item. if you only register one class, let’s sew shorts first. kids’ height and clothes size numer are requied when you register. we charge $70 per class ( three hours )


19th 9:30AM -12:30PM 2:30PM- 5:30PM

20th 9:30AM -12:30PM 2:30PM- 5:30PM

21th 9:30AM -12:30PM 2:30PM- 5:30PM

22th 9:30AM -12:30PM 2:30PM- 5:30PM

27th 9:30AM -12:30PM 2:30PM- 5:30PM

28th 9:30AM -12:30PM 2:30PM- 5:30PM

29th 9:30AM -12:30PM 2:30PM- 5:30PM


23th 9:30AM -12:30PM 2:30PM- 5:30PM

30th 9:30AM -12:30PM 2:30PM- 5:30PM

Summer camp 2022

our camp programs teach kids how to sew, and all about different skills of sewing and design. we help camp students make their favorite toys ,practical items and doll dress. all projects they made are for them to bring home.

our camp hour is 105 minutes, All sewing supplies, ages from 4-15, all supplies are included. we have six sewing machines completes with speed control to ensure kids safety! 

Age 4-13 yrs

All Supplies Included.



Doll Dress Design and Sewing Classes